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We are the New Prosperity Foundation, we’re here to fight for the survival of our economy, our families and our communities.

The New Prosperity Foundation was founded in 2010 to advocate for candidates who support policies that promote job growth, economic prosperity and free enterprise.  Our initiatives reach across America’s Heartland and speak to voters on the issues that will put them back to work, revitalize Main Street, and get our country working again.

We believe that the greatest social program possible is a free-market economy that encourages the growth of good-paying jobs. Smaller, smarter government, cuts in spending, common sense regulatory reform that removes the burdensome obstacles and red tape that inhibit innovation and job creation are the keys to restoring our nation’s economy to greatness again.

In the 2010 elections, the New Prosperity Foundation supported candidates who shared those same values. Our record of involvement contributed to successful election of Mark Kirk  (R-IL) to the U.S. Senate, and gaining a Republican majority in the U.S House.

In 2014, the Midwest will once again be the battleground for control of Congress. We will be concentrating our efforts in races for the House and Senate in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

President Obama’s allies in Congress continue to promote policies that increase restrictive regulations, escalate the bureaucracy and cost of health care, protect public employee unions, and increase federal spending.

January 2009                                           Currently

AAA Credit Rating                                      AAA Credit Rating

7.8% Unemployment                                 6.3 % Unemployment

$1.81 Gas per gallon                                  $3.52 (avg) gas per gallon

$10 Trillion Debt                                         $17+ trillion debt

26 weeks avg. unemployment                  35 weeks avg. unemployment

If these same allies take back control of Congress, they will see only one solution—to raise taxes and further deter investment in job creation.

The stakes are high, growth and mobility for future generations is at risk.

For these and other reasons, the New Prosperity Foundation will be using resources to educate voters about issues and candidates having a direct effect on economic growth. We will employ effective, targeted tactics to communicate our message, and no punches will be pulled in making our points.

Please continue to visit our website for updates on the races and our activities.  If you can help us, click HERE to contribute to our quest to create a new, prosperity-focused economy in this nation.

Ronald J. Gidwitz

Chairman, New Prosperity Foundation