2010 TV Ad on Julie Lassa in Wisconsin 7

Lassa’s record Not Reflective of the Values of Wisconsin’s 7th District Voters

– The New Prosperity Foundation today released a new television ad, entitled “Record”, focused on Julie Lassa’s record of voting for massive government spending increases and tax hikes as a member of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

According to Pew Center on the States, Wisconsin has one of the worst budget deficits in the country.  Despite that, Lassa voted for a state budget last year that increased spending by an astonishing 10 percent.

“Reckless spending in Washington has created a national debt that is threatening the future of our country,” said Ron Gidwitz, Chairman of the New Prosperity Foundation.  “Julie Lassa’s votes in Madison make it clear she will be another vote for more spending and we simply can’t afford to send another big spender to Washington.”

Lassa has also consistently voted to increase taxes on Wisconsin families and businesses.  She even voted for a $15.2 billion government-run health care scheme that would have resulted in the largest tax hike in state history.

“While many Wisconsin families continue to feel the effects of our struggling economy, Julie Lassa continues to vote for job-killing tax increases to finance more government spending,” said Gidwitz.  “The hard working, tax-paying families of Wisconsin’s 7th District deserve a leader in Congress who’s willing to stand up to the Washington insiders and stop the runaway spending and higher tax policies killing our economy.”

The new television ad starts today, with an initial buy of $50,000 – a substantial amount in the low-cost Wausau DMA.  Click here  to watch the ad.

The New Prosperity Foundation is a Midwest-based non-profit 527 political organization dedicated to educating and empowering voters to hold their elected officials and candidates for Federal office accountable.  The New Prosperity Foundation believes in limited government and encouraging economic growth through free market principles